Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prayers for Holly and Rainbow Lainey { UPDATED }

UPDATED - I have heard she was checked out and things look good. Please continue to pray for them.

Please pray for my sweet friend Holly. She is nearing the end of her pregnancy. She is carrying her precious Rainbow Baby Lainey. She is not having much movement. Please pray that things will all be ok.

God ,
Please watch over Holly and Baby Lainey.
Please God knowing that you are so good all the time.
Watch over everyone.
Please help things to go smoothly.

In Jesus Sweet Name I pray


Sarita Boyette said...

Praying for Holly & Lainey. I loved Carly with her ball! xoxo

Debby said...

I didn't get to read much yesterday. I hope all is going well and I am praying so hard.
Lainey has to be okay, please Lord hear our prayers.

Holly said...

Thanks Caroline!

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