Wednesday, September 29, 2010

17 Months

Our Little Miss Carly !!!!!!

She is something else , I think she could have been a boy at times. She is prety rough and tough but that's good. She tries to do everything but with the others around it's no wonder. She really is a good girl but I can't believe today she is 17 months !!! It went so fast. She loves books and to be read too. I remember when I was little I carried a book all the time , just maybe she got that from me. Lol

Here are some pics I tried to catch with my camera. She doesn't stay still for long.

This is her favorite show right now

" The Fresh Beat Band "

I think I know every show by heart. She loves to try to dance , it's so cute.

Happy 17 months Carly !!!!! We love you so much !!!


Holly said...

I bet she's always on the go! :) Happy 17 mos Carly!

Donna said...

WOW 17 months!!! Happy 17mos Carly!! Enjoy the time for as you know it goes by so fast. I miss the days of dancing to the Wiggles and singing Hot Potato. LOL

Henninger Family said...

Yay Carly! Happy 17 months!!

Trennia said...

She is so adorable Happy 17months Carly!!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Aww, she is just so darn cute.

That corgi :) said...

happy 17 months old Carly! you are sure a cutie! awesome you like to look at books and be read to too!!

it is amazing how fast the time goes, Caroline. just enjoy!!


Jingle said...

it sounds like a lovely show, no wonder she loves it.

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