Monday, September 13, 2010

Three years

Today makes 3 yrs I have lived in Nevada. It doesn't seem like I have been here that long. Then again it seems like forever since I haven't been back to that wonderful state I grew up in OHIO !! I can remember when Paul and I talked about the move about a year before we did it. I somehow thought it would never happen. I think I just didn't want it too. Well jobs were hard to find where we were and I knew it was a chance we couldn't not try. Paul did land a great job here. I have adjusted to all the different climate and sand , color brown and the dry a lot of that. Kids love it here and have done well in school. Also I lost a baby here but I also gave birth to my Rainbow here.

As I sit here and think Wow , I really did something amazing bringing 3 children and I on a greyhound bus all alone. It was a trip I will never forget. It was a 3 day trip and we left on a Monday morning. It was also Granparents Day on the Sunday we had our going away party at my Mom's. Jennifer who was 3 at the time we were talking about the bus ride a few weeks ago and she remembers a lot. She will have a story to tell her children someday.

I am looking forward to June when I get to go back for my brother's wedding. I tell my hubby all the time Wow I will get to see the beautiful color green and flowers. Maybe even some rain , Lol. It's funny the things that you miss when you don't have them. Don't get me wrong it is pretty here but it's desert and somethings aren't like what your used too.

So happy 3 yrs in Nevada !!!!


Linda said...

I remember those kinds of feelings Caroline, when I left my home state of Calif. I moved to Littleton Colorado which was a nice place, but I was still missing the ocean, and the friends and family I had to leave behind.

Then after three years had to move to Kansas...and I thought I'd die! Ha! However, I learned to love it and have been here for 31 years now.

You just never know how God is going to bless...even when things don't look good.

Happy 3 year anniversary...and I am proud of you for being brave enough to make the 3 day trip alone with your kids. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger! (:>)

Love, Linda

Holly said...

I know you miss Ohio so much but you guys are doing really great in Nevada. Maybe some day if it is possible you can come back.

That corgi :) said...

oh my gosh, Caroline, three children on the bus for 3 days! you are a brave woman!!! good for you though for "enduring it" and that the kids have memories of it; fun to share as they grow older and even with their own kids (years) down the way. Happy 3 year anniversary! As one who has mmoved a lot, I know how hard it is to adapt to new environments, meet new friends, get settled in, etc. It is hard and challenging, but seems like you guys all did really well with it! I know you will be looking forward to your visit to Ohio come next June!


stitchndeb said...

I hear you, Caroline. Till I was 22 I lived in Illinois (green) and till I was 30 in Florida (very green). I laughed when you said you get used to the color brown out here! :) I can't wait to go back to the midwest for a visit someday though. ~Debbie

Debby@Just Breathe said...

There are many things I miss about my hometown in Illinois. I've been in California for 21 years. I know that you are happy and that is important. The desert is different but I remember being happy that I didn't have to teach my children how to drive in the snow!!

Sarita Boyette said...

You were SO brave to take your children on the bus!!!
I live 2 hours from where I grew up, but I still miss "HOME" tremendously!

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