Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Weekend ........

Well this was my single weekend of the month. Paul works a lot at the end of the month. He worked 11 hours Saturday and Sunday he started at nine and it was 11pm when he got off tonite. All last week he worked 10 hr days. Poor guy though I know he is tired. Money is nice but sometimes it takes a toll on all of us.

I felt really good Sunday I surprised him by tagging him in a picture on Facebook, for International Babylost Father's Day. I left a sweet little message of course. We had talked about it a couple months ago and he even checked out the website for the Grief Effect on his own then. It's so nice that we can talk about our losses a lot better than we used to.

On another note today was nice just the kids and I. We didn't do anything special just took it easy. I had a terrible headache Saturday and it came back today. Carly wasn't quite herself either but she did eat and play some so it was HOT here today to. I had to go out and stop a fight between a girl and Thaniqua. I think things are settled , I hope.

Also Friday , Ridge and Thaniqua got grade cards which both were great. I wasn't to worried about them. Ridge has a teacher that in the past has taught middle school but it's good that she is a little more strict. All in getting ready for he only has this yr and next than he will be in middle school. Still blows my mind.

So the kids and I will go visit the library today or Tuesday to get some new books to read over the break. They are expected in school to read 20 minutes every night so just because we are on break we plan on still keeping it up. I told them it's just a good habit to keep up.


That corgi :) said...

I think it is great that you have them reading during their break, Caroline, and really 20 minutes a night is hardly anything (and of course if they want to read more, wonderful!) sorry about the headache, always icky when you have one especially if you are taking care of the wee ones. You are right, money is good but being with loved ones more so, however, sometimes we need to do what we need to do during these hard economic times. I do feel for Paul though, those are long days he is working, and I feel for you too because I know you and the kids miss him

WTG on Ridge and Thaniqua with their report cards!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's awesome that they are doing well in school. I think that continuing the reading while they are off is a great idea. Enjoy the break.

Sarita Boyette said...

The reading plan you have is wonderful - all kids need to do that, in my opinion. Hope your headache is gone by now. Enjoy your break with the kids - I know you will have fun things planned.
Thanks again for the beautiful rose pictures! xoxoxo

Holly said...

It's good that you keep up on the reading. And really 20 min a night isn't that long so it can be a pretty simple that lots of people could do.

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