Friday, July 9, 2010

Updates and LaBron James

Well for a update on my Uncle he had surgery and came through fine. Yay !!! I was so happy to hear that !!

As for my Mom , she has a appt this coming Wednesday. She seemed in good spirits and is not to worried. She told me it won't do her much good anyway since God is in control.

Then last night we had lots of drama going on Paul came home from work and then ate supper. I cleaned up the kitchen and finished a couple other things. Was about to start Carly's bath. Paul got on the computer like always. Paul called for me he told me he had a message from Jared. Here he had to have all his stuff out by noon today or they were going to start eviction proceedings. So Paul got ready and went and got his stuff to put in our storage. Jared never came here, he told his Dad he was just going to go backpacking and see what he could find. So he is leaving this morning sometime. So at least he got his stuff out just hope he is careful doing whatever. So just pray for his safety.

Then last night was LaBron James and where he would end up going to play ball. Well I'm not a big NBA fan but I do watch it from time to time since Paul does. We both had talked a few days ago I knew LaBron would not stay in Cleveland. I hoped in a way he would , so did Paul. It was sad to see how many people put such bad things about him online after he said where he was going. I explained to the kids that people shouldn't be like that. He is a good player but it takes the whole team to work together.

So last nite on my Facebook status I put :

My heart is in OHIO always and it is a sad nite there , but tomorrow is a new day and we will be alright w/out LaBron James. Go Cavs !!

I wish him lots of luck in his new start in Miami !!

Also I just got a phone call from my sister and she got a job in a factory. She starts Monday. I'm so excited for her. She has been out of work since the place she was working closed down last September.

Thanx for all the prayers and support.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday !!


Holly said...

Glad the surgery went ok!! I hope that Jared stays safe.

Trennia said...

Praise the Lord the surgery went good,praying for your mom and Jared.I'm not into NBA either, but I love college b-ball go CATS!
Funny thing is I'm not a cat lover,but I'm a Kentucky Fan!
My hubby is a Louisville Fan!
Yes, there is drama when they verse, are you all like that?

That corgi :) said...

I think that was a nice thing you put on Facebook Caroline. LaBron James did what he felt he had to do for himself. It is sad that others are not being kind about his decision

thankful your uncle's surgery was a success and I like your mom's attitude about Jesus being in control

I hope you have a great weekend


Sarita Boyette said...

Prayers continue for Jared and your family. That's great that your uncle is doing better! Your mom has the right attitude - I could take a lesson from her. I try not to worry, but it sometimes gets the better of me. I don't know much about the NBA, but hope Lebron James does well on his new team. Glad you sis got a job! (((HUGS)))

Jingle said...

6 awards,
please feel free to take any of them

sorry for the mistakes from your 6 word Saturday post...
it does not work, i must click again, when it finally worked, all showed up....

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