Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Chat

Our little talk with Jared went better than I thought. We just told him what we expected as parents. Told him the rules and asked him to come up with a plan in the next few days as to what he is going to try to do as far as a job , his life. We told him that if he couldn't do as we asked then he could not stay here. I think we are being fair. We offered to listen if he had a problem but also at the same time he needs to try very hard to get something going soon.

Paul and I have been very worried about Jared in the past few weeks. We remember a time when we thought we were doing things right or better yet knew it all. So we are just going to give it all to God and trust in him that things will turn around for him. We love him and only want the best for him. I'm just so glad he is safe right now so we'll leave the rest up to God and him to work out.


Trennia said...

So happy things are going well!
How is your momma?

That corgi :) said...

I think you/Paul laid it out great, Caroline. Now it is up to Jared to decide what he wants to do but I do think you are being more than fair. I'll be interested to see (if you post it) what he comes up with and how he intends to start putting things together for himself. We are dealing with lots of the same issues with our 21 y/o and I think we'll be having to have a similar chat so very soon


Just Breathe said...

Safe is a good thing. Praying that it all works out and that he appreciates what you are doing for him. ((HUGS))

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