Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15th and Thoughts

Today I'm remembering a special friend of mine. My friend Becky and today is her birthday. We are the same age and we grew up together.

Happy Birthday Becky !!!!!!!

But there is also another reason I remember her today. 27 yrs ago Becky lost her Dad. He had cancer. I remember being over at her house when he was ill. I remember being there those last days he was alive. He wanted to be at home when it happened. He wanted to go when it was time no life support. He was a christian and he knew this life was just a journey until the place called Heaven was his last stop. I learned a lot from him w/ fighting cancer.

Then the day came the cancer took over. It was a tough battle. I can remember him always saying it's not goodbye but it's see ya later. A couple months after his passing I learned that my Father had cancer. I wondered how I would deal w/ the fact that the day could come as it did for Becky. I always felt so bad for her, she lost her Dad on her birthday. Well as I walked the road w/ my Dad almost the same thing happened. My Dad passed exactly one wk before my birthday. Too this day I feel God helped me deal with my own Father through my friend Becky. I will never forget July 15th. A wonderful man told me goodbye but also taught me a lot and I was able to deal with my own Father's death better.

So today while I'm remembering all of that I think of my children I lost to soon. Just know that even with all the going on of this life, there is never a moment you don't cross my mind. I know one day I will see you soon.


Trennia said...

Happy Birthday to your friend,Becky!
God doesn't make no mistakes,my mom died a week after her own birthday and exactly 1 week after I was married my dad died.

That corgi :) said...

Happy birthday to your friend Becky! It was good that you had the experience of her dad dealing with cancer to help you as you were dealing with your dad's cancer, but I'm sorry that cancer exists as a disease. I think it is amazing how God puts us with people that can help us through times of grief/sadness like this. I had a friend who lost her dad 6 weeks before my mom died and she was indeed a Godsend to help me with my grief


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