Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Day of School

Well everyone made it through the first day of school. It was great !!!!

Here is a picture I snapped when we dropped them off yesterday morning. The sun was shining so bright , sorta got in there eyes, sorry kids.

Ridge of course had a blast. He has a teacher that is new to the school this yr. I haven't got to meet her yet but Ridge told me she is pretty. I talked to one of Ridge's friends Mom , both boys are in the same class again this yr. she told me she has spoke with her and she is really nice. So I'm excited to meet her. I'm sure Ridge will have no problems. He loves school so much.

Marie had fun her BFF is in her class. She has Ridge's teacher from last year. I just love her so much. Great christian lady & friend. Marie was a little nervous and I told her things would be fine before she left for school. Well they take a minute to reflect on something special or quiet time before they start there day. Sorta like prayer time but because of reasons in school Mrs Browning can't say that. Well after there minute Guess what appeared on Marie's desk ????????

A ladybug....... How Awesome is that. She was so excited just like God gave her a sign things would be great for the coming year. I just love things like that. Her teacher thought it was just so neat.

Jennifer was mixed emotions the start of a full day at school. Things went great and her teachers had Ridge and Marie for the First grade too. I really like them both and they teach wonderful.

So overall it was a really good day !!! I was so glad to see them at 3pm and so was someone else Guess who ????? Little Miss Carly.
Yesterday was so quiet and we took her when we dropped them off at school , so she could see what they were doing. It was just so great to see that Happy look in her eyes and them too. Real love is priceless.

So that was our First day of school !!
We have Meet your teacher nite next wk July 29th so that will be lots of fun too.


Holly said...

Glad the first day went well for them!

Trennia said...

So glad the kids had a great 1sy day I pray many more will come!

Just Breathe said...

Glad they are liking school and their teachers. That ladybug was awesome!

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