Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Sunday

Well it's the last day of summer break for the kids and we are just hangin out at home. It's really HOT out too.

Tomorrow is Monday of course and it's just like the chalkboard says ......

Yesterday we went and got a few things we needed like Backpacks , some new clothes , water bottles ...

One thing that is really nice about the school is you don't have to buy paper , crayons and all that. They send a note home of supplies that they could use but if you can't afford it , it's ok. The list is things they will be using throughout the year. We usually still buy things to help others or I stockpile stuff at home.

How can the school afford to buy things for the kids like this ???

Well they have a ice cream social in Aug which is a great money maker. Then the Cow Plop brings in lots of money and there PTA is just Awesome. Plus a few places in town donate too. Also when your child enters 1st grade they are given a backpack with lots of items in it. It really is a nice idea.

So the kids are excited and sooooo ready. Jennifer goes to school all day so a BIG change for her and Mommy. I bet Carly will wonder what happened to everyone. It will be different for sure.

So tonite we are cooking out and just sorta making sure things are all go for tomorrow.

Have a great day !!!!


Trennia said...

That is awesome!
I just went school shopping too!
Great minds think alike!
We so should live close by each other!
Can't believe your kids are going BTS tomorrow!
Our's statrs Aug.11 honestly that's early for us,I can't imagine even earlier!
Tell the kido's happy BTS!
You'll have to do a post tomorrow 4~sure!

Sarita Boyette said...

School shopping is so exciting! Of course, I don't teach any longer, but I get all excited helping my granddaughter buy her school supplies. I love fresh crayons! Your school has such a great support system - some Texas schools could take a lesson!
I bet you and Carly make a nice supper for everyone tomorrow night.
She can start being your little helper!

Just Breathe said...

Summer went by too fast for you!
Back to school is always so much fun for them.

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