Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Weekend w/ some Drama

Well we had a pretty good weekend. Marie had a birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon. We all were invited , we are good friends with the parents. Paul just got off work at noon and then the party was at one. That was the fun part of the weekend. The rest wasn't bad just had some drama and I so wish it wouldn't have had to been this way.

Well Friday nite when we were going to leave to go to the store. Jennifer came in and said Jared was outside over at the park. Paul just looked at me and shook his head. He was supposed to leave for Reno on Friday. Dad told him as we were leaving that if he wanted to he could wait outside we would be back in a hr or so. Well we came home and no Jared so we thought he was upset since we didn't let him stay inside until he got back. Well next thing one of the kids said Jared was here. Dad and I decided to have him come in and be honest about what was going on. Well that was a failed idea but we let Jared stay the weekend w/us. Dad told him he couldn't be here when we were gone because of some things that went on before. So he agreed to that. He told us he was leaving Monday morning on the bus to go to Reno at 7 am. Dad told him he would drop him off at the bus stop on his way to work. So this morning they left. Jared didn't talk to us over the weekend but at least he had somewhere to stay and something to eat. I just pray that whatever he is doing or going to try works out. I know sometimes you have to let them try to do things to grow up. I know I made mistakes and it is all the process of learning. I really hope that he stays safe. I know that we as parents we love him so much and down deep we really care and just want something good to come out of this. No matter how much it seems like we don't care to him.

As I told the children last nite before bed and prayers is that God loves all of us and he will be looking out for Jared every step of his way.


Trennia said...

praying for your family situations, (((HUGS)))

That corgi :) said...

its hard to let our kids go and make their own decisions, right or wrong ones they might make, but we need to let them try, hoping they will succeed and being there as we can when they fail and try to help them not repeat the same mistakes again. It is very difficult too if they go down paths we know are going to lead to disaster to let them go anyway (of course having warned them first). Wishing they could always stay young like your precious ones, Caroline, but realizing they have to grow up and "fly out of the nest". It is hard. Praying Jared will do great and turn things around and make good wise choices

that birthday party sounded fun!!


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

:) ah, gotta love family!! {Hugs}
Praying for you and yours...

Linda said...

Your blog is pretty and cheerful. Sorry about the weekend drama. I know that is so hard! Just keep praying Caroline! God is in control. And He loves Jared too.
I have lots of prayers going up on behalf of two of my teen grandsons who are trying to test their wings! is so hard.
You and I just need to trust God for our boys and pray...pray ...pray.
Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Holly said...

I hope he does stay safe. It's true that he has to learn on his own and make his own mistakes even though it may be hard to watch him do so.

Melissa B. said...

Drama's never a good thing, correctamundo?

Sarita Boyette said...

I'm sorry for your problems with Jared. I know it just breaks your hearts. I will add my prayers to yours, that he will learn, and grow,and be taken care of by the Lord.
I enjoyed reading about your 4th in the last post and loved the kids' pics. Carly's little pink dress is so cute on her!
Glad you saved money at the store. That leaves more money for summer fun!

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