Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marie and Mom Time

Yesterday I got to spend some private time as Jennifer calls it with my Marie. We walked to the school yesterday to meet her teacher. We already knew her since she got Ridge's teacher from last yr. Not all the teachers were doing this. The rest of the kids stayed home with Jared. It was from 12 -1 and I really didn't wanta take Carly out in the heat. I knew I wouldn't be gone that long. It was sorta neat that just Marie and I had sometime together. She is a big help with Carly at times when I need to get something else done. While we walked to school it was nice to just chit chat with her and giggle about silly things. So hard to believe she is going to be a 3rd grader. Seems like I just watched her start school. Then after we got to school we found out Marie and her BFF are in the same class. So that was really cool.

Then last nite I forgot we needed some milk so I asked Marie if she wanted to walk with me to the store. It isn't to far. We were going to take Carly but it was getting late and someone was fussy. I let Carly stay w/ Dad. Ridge and Jennifer were busy so Marie and I were off again. It was nice how it worked out. It wasn't really planned to spend time together but it was awesome anyway.


Donna said...

That is great that you had time together. Its great to just talk and giggle over silly things. Hope all of you are staying cool!

Trennia said...

That's sweet!

Sarita Boyette said...

How nice that you got some one on one with Jennifer! You brought your 6 Word Saturday to fruition, cherishing moments with your daughter.xoxoxo

Just Breathe said...

Those kind of days are always so special.

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