Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July "Late "

This is like a week late Sorry .......

Our 4th of July weekend was pretty laid back. Paul just got done working 13 days straight so we all enjoyed seeing him. Sometimes it's like all he does is eat and sleep.

Friday night we went and got groceries. I went to Smith's instead of Walmart they had a bunch of in store items on sale. I kinda rough added up how much we would save but I came up with $ 50 dollars or so. Well my hubby knows I'm all about saving money. We checked out and here we saved $ 74 dollars !!! Yay I was happy. I think Paul was too , rather shocked.

Saturday we didn't do much , We cooked out for supper and Paul watched the NASCAR race that evening. Carly doesn't nap during the day so she is really tired by evening. They had the carnival next door to us so I decided I would take Ridge , Marie and Jennifer. Carly stayed home w/Dad. I put her to bed first. Here is a few pictures I took of the kids.

Carly just playing at home

Ridge , Marie and Jennifer

Ridge coming out of the Rock and Roll House

Jennifer driving

We had a good time. It was better to go in the evening after the sun went down. We stayed a hr or so.

Sunday the 4th we cooked out again. We made S'mores for most of the neighbor kids. Bummed around and the fireworks are set off right across the road from us. It's nice to not have to fight the traffic. I tried to get Carly to stay awake but she fell asleep at 8:30. I told Paul there is always next year. I was sorta surprised she slept through all the noise. The other kids had a blast.

Monday Paul was still home and I did some extra cleaning. He just was enjoying his last day of vacation.

So that pretty much raps up our 4th of July.


That corgi :) said...

I think it was a nice Fourth of July weekend, Caroline! that carnival and fireworks so close to you were a Godsend indeed in that you didn't have to travel far/much to see the fireworks or have some fun! love the kids' pictures; they looked like they were enjoying themselves a lot!! Poor Paul with such a grueling schedule!!! I bet he did enjoy those 3 days off!


Holly said...

Way to go on the grocery savings! That's awesome to be able to save that much.

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