Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday BFF

Today I would like to take the time to wish my very Best Friend Vickie Bevington a Happy Birthday !!!!!

We have been friends forever , grew up together , lived right next door to one another. Even though our lives have taken a lot of turns on our road through life. I know I can always count on my friend to be there no matter what. Where I grew up in Ohio her parents still live next to my Mom. So since I live so far away now I know Vickie talks to my Mom from time to time.

So Happy Birthday Vickie !!!

We sure have made lots of memories together. I miss ya and I hope you have a wonderful day !!


Just Breathe said...

I hope Vickie has a wonderful day!

Jingle said...

Happy birthday to Vickie...

Jingle said...

Happy Tuesday!
Look to see if you like one or two awards there.

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