Monday, August 24, 2009

~ Week 4 - The Secret ~

To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.

To me this means: standing tall when everyone is down

putting a smile on your face when you go through the worst.

looking on the bright side when there isn't one.

is being happy when everyone else is sad.

never giving up and always being there.

I can remember when my Dad found out he had cancer, at first there was fear but the next day there were smiles. I thought to myself how can you be like this. My Dad always tried to look on the bright side of whatever life handed him & he taught us all that especially when he had cancer. I know just before he passed away I found myself smiling & being happy cause that's what my Dad wanted no tears just lots of smiles. He said you can't give up on anything in life, always try to look at what good can come out of it. My cousin was on drugs really bad and my father's death turned things around and now she is a christian. So I think that's just one of the good things that happened plus it helped our family become stronger. Those words made it easier to let go of him when the time came. I try to be a happy person & look at the bright side of life, somedays it's tough but it is easier than a sad day.

This Tag below was made by a friend of mine on Cafe Mom for me & I just had to share & it is so true. Have a wonderful day !!! :0)


My Very Own Angel said...

I always love the way you can look at things. when I saw that cafemom tag I couldn't do anything but think of you. So fitting she did a great job.

Holly said...

I love how you described your dad always having a smile. A smile can change someone's day! Keep that sunshine!

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