Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Read With Us - Chapter 5 ~

Join us as we continue to read with Holly. Our current book is In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me by Lynnette Kraft.

This was a good chapter for me to read. It made me stop & think alot about things in the past & how so many times I struggled. I can relate to what Lynnette said in her book about Kyle being into many things and not being able to spend time with the family. First of all I'm the people person in this family. I think with me it came from always having so much to do & when I met Paul, I didn't know quite how to handle help. I raised my older 2 children for 3 yrs alone. I had a full time job & 2 children under 3 to care for plus everything that goes w/ a home. I had a awesome sitter I thought til she became very attached to my daughter Marie & I was worried one day she would take off w/ her. Some of the comments scared me. Paul & I decided we wanted to be together & the job I had then was being his boss to a point. So I worked longer hours & he sometimes had to get the children from the sitter & care for them. We worked & met at the same place. I tried to go home & still do the Mom thing but sometimes it didn't work to well. After another child sometimes it seemed like both of us working was to much. I felt at times we never had time for much. Then I lost our first child, after that some things that mattered to me didn't anymore. Then Paul lost his job & couldn't find anything good. I went to work at nite at the newspaper & he took care of the house & kids. Then we decided to move to Nevada. He found a great job & I for the first time in my life could stay home w/ our kids. He was working lots of overtime & then it seemed like he was never at home but only to sleep. I lost another child & then here I am trying to do it all, it seemed like. Work took a little slow down & once again we were expecting. This time things turned out on the positive side. We had a baby girl. We both had been stressed during the pregnancy the fear of another loss. We both did alot of praying & trusting God together as a family.

What are some things you would like to do more as a family ?

We have been married since Dec 14, 2006 & I can said we do alot together. One thing I know we wish we could see his children from his first marriage but they are older Jessica will be a Freshman at Mount Vernon Nazarene & Justin will be a Sr at the same College. Jared his middle child resides with us & he works full time. I would have to say I would like Dad to go to the park more w/us. Most of the time it's just kids & me. I know after a day at work he likes to relax but I think sometimes it would do the kids good for him to go. we don't go everyday but w/ a baby it's not easy to just go & run with 3 very active children, LOL. I would have to say after losing 2 children & knowing how my oldest feels it's important to do those little things in life that may not mean so much to others. I'm glad I don't work anymore I love my time w/ kids. I too would take a boring day with my children anyday after some of the things I have been though. You really do look at life differently.


Holly said...

I'm so glad you can stay home now. I bet you're much happier!! Kinda a mixed blessing b/c I know how you'd like to be back in Ohio too. How does the older 2 like MVNC (well I guess Jessica wouldn't really know yet)?

Holly said...

I guess it's MVNU now. I'm still used to when it was college.

Trennia said...

After losing Emily last year our priorities changed.We have spent more time with our five children..going to the park,2 amusemment parks, trip planned for Sept.
I look at life differently and my children,husband and I all loss someone we loved and wanted very much..we are all knitted together with love and grief. Emily taught us all to love more, live long and laugh even when you feel like crying.In many ways I look at Emily's life and I know she changed me..she made me a better person..I don't look at Emily as just my daughter...she is my HERO!

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