Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ Wednesday's Walk - A Wedding & A Baby ~

I'm taking a walk back to Feb 27-28, 2000. My friend Sherry was getting married in a small wedding just family & few close friends, on Feb 27, 2000. I had been staying w/ her going thru a tough time in my life. I had recently been laid off on Jan 4, 2000 but found a job on Jan 28, 2000. I was working alot & for just starting had been working 60+ hrs a week. I hardly had time to help w/ the wedding but somehow the day was soon coming together. I'm a crafty person when I have time & I made all the flowers for her wedding plus stand up for her. I finally found a apartment on Feb 20th. Exciting time things were falling into place. The day of the wedding came & I had worked all night came home to sleep but my back hurt sooooooo bad. Nothing like it had ever hurt before. I kept trying to think of what I could have done. I slept a few hrs & then got up to head over to Sherry's to get ready for the wedding. My back still hurt but I tried to not let it bother me, took some more Tylenol & thought this has to stop soon. We joked about my back & Sherry said maybe it is because the weekend before we took her out for her last nite single. I usually don't drink much but I didn't have to drive so I did & I know I had a good time. I know i danced alot & I love to dance. Time to leave for the weddding it's noon the wedding started at 2:00pm. I did Sherry's hair & her daughter's & mine. Just about time for the wedding my back got worse, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stand up. Somehow I did it, don't know how I was in pain. The wedding went great & things were over at 7:00pm. Sherry knew I didn't feel good so after we got things cleaned up, she tried to talk me into going to the hospital. I of course said No I'm fine. I have to go to work tonite. I worked 3rd shift & told her I hate to miss work I just started there. I went home & couldn't sleep it was 9pm so I decided to call off of work. At 10:30 I felt worse & decided to give in & go to the hospital.

It is now 11:15 & I just arrived at the E.R. They were busy of course & the lady signed me in & told me to have a seat in the waiting room. The pain got so bad I could hardly stand or sit. It's 11:55pm & they take me back to a room in E.R. The nurse asked some questions & had me put a gown on. She asked me where it hurt & next thing there is the Doctor. He had me lay on my side & then I laid on my back. He said I have great news I know what's wrong with you. You have about 45 minutes your having a baby. I was in shock & what was I supposed to say........ They hurried & told me to O.B & so many thoughts went through my head........ I never was to a Dr would this baby be stillborn I know I never felt anything. I never took classes for a baby, How bad will this hurt, & lots of other things. While they were getting me ready for the birth they asked me if there was someone I wanted to call. I couldn't think...... I said No. I had just broke-up with the baby's father & who would believe me so late at nite. Sherry was staying at a motel in town but I wasn't about to call her. I prayed to God so hard that you help me do this. I knew he would be there. Well the time came 1:15am I gave birth to a baby boy. I was so scared I heard no cry & all I can remember is laying there praying. Finally they told me your baby is fine & being checked out. Wow it wasn't bad having him 3 Big pushes & he was out. I still hadn't held him but they had lots of tests to run & I was still trying to let it soak in that I'm a Mommy. At 5:00am my nurse who had held my hand during the birth came in. She brought me something to eat I was starved. I might have slept a little cause they were poking at me so much.After breakfast about 9am a nurse came in & asked me do you want to hold your baby ? I was still in shock & hadn't called anyone yet. I said Yes & it was so wonderful to think he was mine & so beautiful. I will never forget the first moment. I called Sherry right after lunch & told her. Took her 5 minutes to get there it seemed like.No one could believe it. I called my sister next & told her it made her become a Aunt for the 4th time that month. Her husband's sister had twins on Feb 16th & his brother had a son on Feb 8th. It was also leap yr that yr. Things all worked out & the hospital called our pregnancy care center & they came to the hospital with lots of stuff for us. It took some getting used to & my life changed so much,so fast. My special little boy Ridge Logan weighted 8lbs & a gift from God. I was always told I would never be able to have a child or carry one. I was 35yrs old. God was watching over us & everyday he is there for you & me.

One more thing before I close Ridge is 9 yrs old today & a very normal boy. He is also in a class at school for gifted children. He is very smart & I think I carried you without a Dr & we made it w/ God by our side.


Trennia said...

My mom thought she was going through the change of life because my dad and her youngest at that time was 15 years dad rushed my mom to the hospital because of pains.She thought her appendix bursted..nope it was me!
She never knew..she never felt me move either!
Although I was a sick baby and there was opitions of giving me up for adoption in which they did, but decided against it days later.My dad asked my 15 year old sister, "Do you want a little sister?" She said, "YES!" So with my parents ages my sister helped raise me.

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing your birth story for Ridge! It's so interesting to read about it.

Kelci said...

Well, what an amazing story! I can only imagine what the rush and surprise must have been. And to think you did it all by yourself, with God by your side of course!
Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Wow! What a story! I had awful back pain during my pregancy and delivery! I love his name, Ridge!

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