Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~ So We Don't Forget - School Days ~

Just in case you have been following me on Wednesday's Walk. Wednesday's walk from Lynnette's blog has changed to : So we Don't Forget

Today's Topic - School Days

Tell us a school memory from when you were a child - or school memories with your children. If your a homeschooler, feel free to tell us something about your home school day, ( a special activity, first day of school, field trip, etc )

I'm going to share w/ you a special day that happened July 20, 2009. Our Jennifer started Kindergarden, Wow so many emotions & so hard to believe the day had finally got here. I have always worked before & even though I seen my older 2 children go to school there first day. Jennifer was different, since our big move to Nevada, I have been a full-time stay at home MOM. So for the past 2 yrs we have gotten very close. It was a day that I never will forget & Jennifer I think knew that Mommy might cry so when I got ready to take her picture outside the school, she said
Hey Mom I have been thinking things are going to be alright & I will see you at 3:00.

Well the days have came & went for a month now & it's really something to see how much she has changed in such little time. She just has that school look about her & that Little Girl of ours has taken a Big step & doing very well. We are just so proud of her & can't wait to see all the changes this yr has to bring. One thing that my husband & I giggle about is everyday when I take her to school at noon she says Mom don't forget white sneakers & I will see you at 3:00. I asked her Jennifer do you know how many kids have white sneakers ? She said Mom you know what my "White Sneakers" look like. It's funny most kids say tennis shoes but not Jennifer it's White Sneakers. So that's my school days memory , hope you enjoyed it. Kids are great !!!


Anonymous said...

Aww she started school on my son's 3rd those "white sneakers!"

Little Ladybugs said...

I love it... she is so cute. My oldest is in first grade this year she told me the second day... I liked kindergarten better because I got a snack....

Lynnette Kraft said...

I can only imagine how hard it would be to have to watch my little one go off to school. I've never actually done it! But, saying that... I know that God gives us all we need to do all that he calls us to do. Your daughter is too cute.


Linda said...

Boy, she sure was being a big brave girl on the first day of kindergarten! How cute that she told you to remember her
"White Sneakers". Kids do say the funniest things don't they? (smile)

Thanks for sharing this, and for the picture. It brought back memories of when my 3 girls went to school for the first time,...many, many years ago.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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