Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~ Make Me Laugh ~

Please join me in Make Me Laugh hosted by April, where everyone in blogland is welcome to come share in the laughter, share your funny story, article, photo, flim clip etc. It can be personal or public ..... just keep it clean !!

Here's a picture of a Cat taking it easy & enjoying a Pepsi & some Lays. One of my friends on Facebook sent it to me & I thought it was cute. I'm not a Big Fan of Cats but I thought this was funny !!! Just had to share !!!! Have a great day & I hope this brought a Smile to your face. :)



April said...

That is actually really fun with the slight animation. It's nose sniffing is cute. Wow - cats must have been the theme this week huh? :) Thanks so much!

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