Thursday, August 27, 2009

~ Tell Me About It Thursday - Something About Your Family ~

Here it is again time for " Tell Me About It Thursday "

I got this from my blog friend Sandy. Each Thursday she adds a question or gives a idea to post on your blog. This weeks post is " Tell Me Something About Your Family " that your blog readers may or may not know about your family.

Well this is sorta interesting all the kids birthday's have a number 2 in them. I never thought about it until I was just a week away from giving birth to our last child. Actually my step-daughter Jessica that lives in Ohio thought about it. There birthday's are as follows :

My Step-children : Justin - July 2 , 1988

Jared - May - 29, 1990

Jessica - June 28 , 1991

My Children : Ridge - Feb 28 , 2000

Marie - March 27 , 2002

Jennifer - April 2, 2004

Carly - April 29 , 2009

Another thing that is pretty funny about the whole thing is usually the Mom sets a little pattern when kids are born sorta like a certain time of the month. I just think it's really neat & if Carly would have waited one more day Jess said it would have messed things up. Oh yes & just to remember those 2 babies we lost to miscarriages I bet they would have had a 2 in there birthdays too. It's really something people get so confused about who's birthday is when. I just think it is neat & thought I would share this with you today.


Trennia said...

So Neat!
Weird thing for my family is my son's name is 22 letters long..him and his stepbrother are 22 years husband was 22 when his first son was born and mine and Emily's birthdays are 22 days apart.God makes NO mistakes!

~Sandy~ said...

That is neat!!!! Thanks for joining me:)

Franchesca Cox said...

I think God just gives us these little amazing details in our lives to let us know that He is even in the little things. Jenna Belle's name has five letters in each name (first and middle) and her birthdate was 5-5-09. We later learned that five is the number of grace. She was born on the fifth by one minute! 12:01 am. God is so good.

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