Monday, August 3, 2009

~ Mcklinky Blog Hop ~ Encouragement

Here is my favorite life lesson,

Forget the past it has already happened, worry not about the future it has yet to come, concentrate on today, make every moment count.

To me this means the past is gone you cannot change it & there is no need to worry about the future it is not here. Today is what matters & make it count. Put your trust in the Lord & he will show you the way.

This week's Blog Hop is your favorite quote, spiritual passage , life lesson, saying, PHOTO or encouraging thought. Post your favorite or most meaningful, and then include a sentence or two about what it means to you personally, and how it can encourage other people in their lives.
See my example here: ...STOP
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Jennifer said...

Nice post - here from the blog hop! (FindHomeJob.com0 is where I post the blog hop since I have several web-sites! :) Nice blog you have!

Smart Cents Mom said...

Hello! Just hopping by on the blog hop. I like your saying. Live for today and enjoy what you have now. thanks for sharing!

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