Thursday, August 20, 2009

~ Tell Me About It Thursday - Special Grandparent ~

It's that time again ! Time for


I got this from my blog friend Sandy. Each Thursday she adds a question or gives a idea to post on your blog.

This weeks post is "Tell about a Special Grandparent"

Well in the summer time when I was young I spent alot of time with my Mom's parents. I would go for weeks at times & stay as long as I could. They were AWESOME ! One special thing there was lots but this was special to me, How long they had been married ? They were married on July 26, 1922. Grandma was 18 & Grandpa was 19 & they were such a AWESOME couple. They went thru many struggles in life just like any of us. One good thing they were christians and you could see there love for the Lord and there love for each other. I remember there 50th Anniversary and thinking to myself that's along time to be married. I was only 8 yrs old at the time. Well for some reason not sure why our family decided for there anniversary in 1986 to have a surprise party for them. That year they were married 64 yrs. That same yr on Nov 28, 1986 my grandpa passed away. I can remember people saying that Grandma prolly would die of a broken heart. Well she didn't she lived til Sept 13, 1999. One thing I remember when they took my Grandpa to the hospital just before he passed away was Grandma wanted to make sure he had his own pillow and after he passed away, she slept on that same pillow every nite. I still am amazed at how long they were married and they were so young. To me that is a wonderful memory of both of them.


Shelly said...

Aww, that is such a sweet story! Thanks for voting for me; I really appreciate it! Have a great week!

Trennia said...

So sweet and heart touching.

Holly said...

I enjoyed hearing about your grandparents and their love.

~Sandy~ said...

We were blessed!!!!!! Thanks for joining me and for sharing about your prandparents. That post is precious:)

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