Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~ Read With Us - Chapter 4 ~

This is Chapter 4 in the book we are reading " In Faithfulness, He Afficted Me " by Lynnette Kraft.

If you experienced labor what was your like ?

Well I have to say I have a easy time having children & had all 4 of mine natural. I wouldn't go as far to say I love having a child because it hurts but my labor isn't very long. My first child which was a surprise, I only had back pain during the day on Feb 27 went to the E.R at 11:00 & I had him at 1:15am on Feb 28th. My Marie I didn't make it too the hospital I had her at my friends. I didn't even feel like I was in labor & within a 2 hrs I had her.My Jennifer I went to the hospital at 7:30pm & had her at 8:30pm and Carly I got to the hospital at 4pm & had her at 6pm. It hurts only for a moment with me & lots of people told me I wish I could have a baby that easy. I do alot of walking & they say that helps to be active, but I'm not sure.

Do you know anyone whose lives have been impacted by CHD ( or as your own )? No

" To live in Christ and to die is gain "
How do those words spoken by Kyle make you feel ?

We can have such assurance and walk in such hope that our death is gain only, when we know what it means to live in Christ. Oh what gain indeed, for the child of God when he or she dies ! Physical death then is no more condemnation but, in fact, it is joyful enterance into tthat place that God has.

During difficult times where do you find comfort ?

I do a lot of praying & listen to Christian Music. Sometimes just taking a walk when I'm unsure about something or need to let the Lord speak to me. I find a lot of comfort in talking to my husband.

If God asked my permission " What would you say ? " I would say Yes because everything that happens , does for a reason. We may not understand right then but I believe God doesn't give you anymore than you can handle. I had a lot of concerns this past pregnancy plus the fact that the last 2 had been lost. I put my faith & trust in the Lord.


April said...

Crazy stories about your deliveries! I can't believe you went that fast! :)

I agree that death is to gain. It is just so hard being left here on this side of heaven and living on here without them. That is why we feel at times dying, would be losing... at least that is my opinion. One of the things that is hard to deal with when someone passes

MommyIvy said...

Wow, you do have fast deliveries. I have to have mine taken out. LOL

Holly said...

You sure do deliver quickly!! I think you are now the envy of many mothers. lol

To die is to gain for sure! We are going to a far better place than here! Hard to imagine such a wonderful place but it's true!

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