Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Past Few Days

Wow I have a few moments to sit here and write !!!

Yay !!!!!!!!

Been running a bit behind but I have been reading even though I might not have commented. :)

Anyway here is a little bit of our happenings.........

Last weekend was ok.End of the month for Paul is this coming Sunday. He has been busy woking lots. he worked Saturday & Monday which was ok we really didn't have any Huge plans. Jennifer ended up getting sick at 11pm and we were up with her til 1am. Not sure what it was but she was better by Monday.

Memorial Day we had a cookout ~ I had to grill out with my sweatshirt on it was chilly and windy. It even snowed in the morning. What's up with that ???????? Hope your Memorial Day ws great.

This week I have been busy. Running here and there lots of school things going on. The kids have one more week to go next Friday is there last day. Lots of field trips and such.

So I guess this is my cue it's almost time to get the kids from school. Ridge has a music program tonight. Paul is working ten hrs everyday through Sunday so I better get off of here and push out the door. So look for my new project for BLM"s the next couple days I almost have it together.

I haven't forgot but will update the info about the school buses as soon as I hear some news. I know the police are still working on it.

Also it is still snowing here off and on the mountains got about a foot the past couple mornings. Wow !!!!!

Have a great one.


That corgi :) said...

that is interesting that it is still so cool out there when it is June!! Does sound like you have had a busy week! I look forward to seeing whatever your project is!


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