Thursday, June 23, 2011

CRT Testing Results

CRT Testing ~ Criterion-Referenced Test or better known as a Proficiency Test.

Back in the first week of March , Ridge and Thaniqua had a week long testing. I remember they didn't have homework that week. Every morning at school was the testing. It is only for 3rd thru 8th grades. I know in High school it is a few more subjects. Every state is different too. They were only tested in Math & Reading. Well I know the school told all the parents we wouldn't have results for everyone to see until after school was out for the year. Well Saturday I went out to get our mail and there was two thick envelopes. One for each of the children, Ridge and Thaniqua.

Well I know that I have said this many times but I'm so very proud of both of them. Thaniqua made the standard for math. I was happy with that because she struggled at times but always came out on top. Made a great inprovment this past school year. Reading she was above standard ~ 417. I was really happy.

Ridge was next and I really wasn't to surprised at his either. He is in a GATE class at school already for gifted children. He did well in Math a borderline for standard/exceeds standard. Reading is what Ridge is already high in , I was excited too see where he ended up. Ridge passed the high standard which was the most for his grade 500 points. He got a 537. Ridge also had a creative writing part which he scored the highest out of all the 4th graders at his school.

I sat each one of them down and went over the paperwork with them. We also had them go to bed early that week so they would be well rested. We are so very proud of them.


Trennia said...

Congrats, so happy for them and proud of them too!

That corgi :) said...

those were great results!! WTG for both Thaniqua and Ridge! you did the best thing too Caroline to have them go to bed early that week to be as rested as they could!! Good idea to go over the results with them too to see for themselves how they did as a result of that testing!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is wonderful news.

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