Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Yesterday was a good day. We just had a pretty relaxing day. Paul didnt have to work , Yay !!!! He watched NASCAR and played on the computer. Spent some time with the kids.

The girls made a cards for Dad. Ridge had wrote a letter at school before it was out for him. I almost forgot where we hid it , Lol. I made Chicken Breast , Mashed Potatoes , Stuffing & Corn for supper. I made a pan of Fudgy Peanut Butter Bars for snack time. They were really good. Paul loves Peanut Butter & Chocolate anyway. All in all we had a good day !!!!

But then here is the part that really gets me , makes me so frustrated ......

For one thing not having my own Dad to say Happy Father's Day to makes me realize that it's so important every chance you get to tell them that you care and love them. Little things so much mean a lot. I guess losing a parent at 21 yrs old woke me up. Anyway Paul lost his parents at a young age he was only 12 & 13 when they died. I know he misses them still.

Well most of you know that Jared Paul's son lives with us. Yesterday the kids got up and was running around wishing Paul a Happy Father's Day. Jared finally got up and never said a word. All day went by and nothing. I know Paul was sad and hurt. Justin his other son that lives in Ohio never called or anything. Jessica late Saturday evening wrote on his Facebook Happy Father's Day which made him so happy.

Last night after Paul went to bed , Jared never said a word sometimes he talks to me which he did but he never said a word about Father's Day. I know that you can't force someone and I know that his Dad and him have had there differences but no one knows what tomorrow holds. I guess I think what if something happened , wonder what they would feel like ???? I mean my Dad had cancer we knew the end was coming but it still didn't make it easy. I also know how fast someone can be taken away.

I just hope that my children don't end up like that. I don't think they will but sometimes family memebrs really amaze me how much hurt they can cause .....

Anyway sorry for the rant I just had to get it out.


Kristin said...

I had to ask Lily where we hid her card she made at school because I forgot too! HA!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I'm sorry for the missing of your parents and the other things that bring sadness on these special days. Love to you...

Trennia said...

So sorry Paul has to deal with hubby did too only one of my step kids told him happy father's dad, but ours together waited till midnight and argued over who shouted Happy Father's Day first!

That corgi :) said...

It does sound like a nice day, Caroline, and you cooked a very special meal for Paul. I bet everything was delicious and enjoyed by all, especially those fudgy peanut butter bars! Just their name sounds tasty to me!!

I am sorry Jared didn't acknowledge Father's Day, I know that was painful for Paul. I'm not going to defend Jared (too much) but sometimes kids that age are sp focused on themselves, they forget events like this. And of course you are right; if something happened to Paul, Jared would be so sad and wish in future years he had a dad around on Father's Day to wish him a happy one.

I know the first time son moved out, it was right before mother's day back in 2008. I was already sad he was not living at home any more but he didn't call to wish me a happy mother's day. I was sad, but I also realized it probably didn't even dawn on him that it was mother's day if anyone else around him didn't remind him. However, in Jared's case, I am sure he was aware of the day living in your house as I'm sure it was mentioned on more than one occasion. It is just that funny age they are at. But I know it had to affect Paul.

Too funny about the letter with Ridge, I would have been the same way, hiding it thinking I would remember where it was, only to be searching for it :)


Holly said...

How sad :( we were the only ones that did anything for Anthe's dad and he really appreciated it :)

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