Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awards , Awards & Is That Really Ridge ?????

Yesterday was a exciting day , Awards , Awards and so much going on. I spent the day at school.

Jennifer was first for awards. She got honor roll , perfect attendance & citizenship. I was so proud of her. She has the highest grades out of all the first grade classes. We are so very proud. I wished Paul could have been there but I was and I was happy for that.

Jennifer also had a field trip as soon as they got there awards. It was in Reno at a very beautiful park ,San Rafael Park. They were going to see the flowers and animals there plus have a cookout !!!!

Jennifer and BFF ~ Stevi

Thaniqua got the same awards as Jennifer plus a xtra one. She also got the most inproved student. Yay Thaniqua !!!

She had a presentation in her class following awards. She done a great job as there were quite a few parents there. She also had a cookout for lunch.

Then there is Ridge ~ He got the same awards plus if you are wondering Why he is wearing a dress ????????? He was in a play after awards. He decided he would wear his dress so he would be ready afterwards. Well for sure he got a lot of heads turned. His turn came to get his awards and he went up and shook hands with both principals then his teacher was standing there. If you have read my blog before you know that Ridge and her have had there share of problems but have done well getting through this year. Next thing I know Ridge puts his arms around the teacher and says it's been a great year I Love You. She didn't know what to do but Smile. Later when pictures were being taken Ridge said to me you always teach us to be kind to one another. It was great !!!!! I told Paul you so missed so much.

Well the play they did for there parents was Hansel and Gretel.

Ridge was the Mom that died right at the beginning. No one else would do it so volunteered. He wore one of Thaniqua's dresses. A girl brought in this wig for him. He is just so used to girls anyway. He was the talk of the school yesterday !!!!

Doesn't he look just so Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

Ridge with his classmate Josh

It was a good play and I told Ridge I promise I will save these pics to show all your girlfriends he just laughed. I know I'm the Mom but I think Ridge looks great !!! We ask Carly who it is and she says Thaniqua , so funny.

Tomorrow is the last day so why not have a bunch of FUN !!!!


Holly said...

Congrats on all the awards!! Def need to keep those pics of Ridge for later! lol

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hilarious! What a good sport he is.
How awesome about the awards they all received. They should be very proud of themselves. Way to go Mom!

That corgi :) said...

WTG to Jennifer, Thaniqua and Ridge for all their rewards!! That was nice that Jennifer and Thaniqua had special events after the award ceremony to continue with their count down to the end of the school year!! That was so neat that Ridge took the higher road so to speak and gave his teacher a hug and said those words to her. That was awesome!! And good for him for being willing to step up and take on the role of Hansel's mother!! He looks so cute!!

got great kids there Caroline!!!


Sarita Boyette said...

Congratulations on the awards! Love Ridge and I know he did well in the play.

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