Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy List Saturdays

A Big Yay for my sweet friend Natasha for starting this Happy List Saturday. I know that looking at what all makes you happy can give you just that extra boost. So I'm writing down what has made me happy this past week.

I decided to do my list a bit different this week. Maybe seeing all these cute little Sweet Peas from the CafeMom site that I hardly ever have time to go on. I love the little images.

Having my computer time makes me Happy !!

Fridays always make me Happy !!

Getting good rest always makes me Happy !! Once Carly turned two she started having problems sleeping but this has been our first good week. She has always been such a good sleeper as a baby not sure what is up but we are workin on it.

First week of summer break and we all had great mornings. Sometimes the kids don't wanta get up but I don't let them sleep past nine. I like to keep them in that morning mode since we go to school year round.

Praying for others always makes me smile and too see prayers answered. Thank you God.

Grilling out always makes me Happy !!!! We did it a couple times this week.

Reading makes me Happy !!! Even better than reading is when my children want to go to the library on there first day of summer vacation. Reading is so important and I'm Happy I don't have to push them,

Hoping you have a Happy upcoming week.


Natasha said...

Love your list this week!!! SO cute! I love grilling too and my favorite thing to do is hang out at home and read :)

Have a happy week lady!



Great happy list! :)

That corgi :) said...

I'm with you, Caroline, try to keep them as close to the school schedule as possible when they are on their break; it is easier to adapt back once school starts again!

great list of happy!! a good week indeed!

I wonder about Carly's sleeping problems. I know for a bit my daughter had night terrors (nightmares at night that she would cry out about). Hoping Carly's is just a passing phase and sleep becomes smoother for her!


Trennia said...

Love your post...wish my kids would have stayed on the school sleep pattern..haha...oh well...have a fun safe summer!

Holly said...

I'm totally with you on your happy list!

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