Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy List Saturdays

A Big Yay for my sweet friend Natasha for starting this Happy List Saturday. I know that looking at what all makes you happy can give you just that extra boost. So I'm writing down what has made me happy this past week.

Wow this past week has been a busy one. I have had to be both Mom & Dad this week. My hubby has been working 10 hrs everyday plus both days this weekend. All in all I have had a Happy Week.

Volunteering ~ always makes me happy. I got a whole day in on Friday at the Children's school. Yay for it , I always feel so good when I leave helping out and being a part of a child's life no matter if it is reading a story or helping w/homework.

My Son Ridge always puts a smile on my face and brings me so much happiness. This past week he was one of the students in his grade to be picked to be what is called a safe student. He was voted by his peers to be someone other students could go or someone that would step up for a student and help out. So that there voice might be heard. I was so very Happy and of course being so blessed to have a child his age already have such caring traits. Mommy loves you Ridge.

Clean House ~ makes me Happy. Been busy but I have been able to keep things in order.

Snow ~ Well not usually am I happy for snow. This past Monday and Tuesday I was happy the snow was falling but not going to be able to stick. We have had a cold snap while parts of the USA is super Hot !! I know it sounds kinda silly but this time seeing Snow and knowing it won't be staying makes me Happy. Those ones that live in the mountains did get a foot of fresh Snow !!! Wow is it really June ? Lol.

Tacos always make this Momma Happy. Our whole family loves them anytime.

Well I know I have another super busy week. Last week of school , so I hope that you also have a very Happy upcoming week.


Natasha said...

Love your list! Love that tacos are on there too!!!

Have a great week my friend!


That corgi :) said...

what a wonderful honor for Ridge! WTG Ridge and Caroline!! he's a great young man; like I said before, you are raising fantastic caring kids!

enjoy the last week of school; I know there will be lots going on but I'm sure it will be a fun one too!


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