Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome Home & Six Word Saturday !!

I have some wonderful news today !!!!!!!! I just talked to my Mom and Jeff is being released TODAY from the rehab hospital. Colleen, Jeff's parents went to pick up a wheelchair for him from a home health care store this morning then pick him up. So sometime after lunch they should be home. It's so hard to believe today exactly two weeks since the whole accident started. I'm just praising God so much that we have a very Happy ending to all this. God is so very Good all the time. Jeff has lots more to work on but in time it will happen and He is still here. I want to thank you all for your prayers once again and Colleen my sis thanks you too.

So now for my Six Word Saturday ...........

Here is how it works using six words , describe your life ( or something ) in a phrase.

Jeff's coming home today , it's wonderful !!!!

To those of you that don't follow my blog all the time , my BIL was in a tractor rollover accident on Aug 7th. He was lifeflighted to Akron & had surgery. Broken Femur , complications from surgery ICU for wk. Blood clot in lung and pneumonia. Rehab for a wk and Today is coming home. God is Good !!!! Always !!

I won't get to see him since I live in Nevada but I'm so excited for my family in OHIO.

Have a Happy 6WS and a Awesome upcoming wk.

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Trennia said...

Praise the Lord Jesus!!!!!
I'm so happy for your family what a wonderful day!

Just Breathe said...

Thanking God for the blessing he has given to your family.

aspiemom said...

That is great news! This is the first time here. I swung by via Six Word Saturday.

That is truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing! Good news is good news!

aspiemom said...
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That corgi :) said...

thanking Jesus that Jeff was released today!! hoping he makes a complete recovery!!!

have a great rest of weekend, Caroline; I'm sure you will after having received this fantastic news!


Sarita Boyette said...

That is WONDERFUL news!

Holly said...

That is awesome!

Linda said...

So happy for Jeff, his wife and all of the family!


Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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