Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remembering our Children in Heaven

Last Friday I came home from grocery shopping and I checked my emails. I had one from Carly at The Grief Effect. I was so happy and it made my heart smile.

So beautiful ...... So peaceful ...... So relaxing .........

What a special way to remember those precious two children we never got to meet. We love you both so much. Always thinking and waiting til that wonderful day when we will be together forever.

Paul and I talked and we are going to print it out on photo paper and frame it , going to hang it on the wall with the rest of our children's pictures.

Thank - you so much Carly


Trennia said...

luv it!
it's beautiful,what a lovely reminder of your sweet babies in heaven.

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

Aw. Brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome way to remember your little ones!!

If you can think of anything specific that reminds you of your sweet angels, email me (clif_n_des_06.02.07@hotmail dot com). I wanna make something for you!

Jingle said...

stunning image!

Holly said...

How very, very special that she did that for you!!! ♥ I love the picture!!! It's so beautiful!

Just Breathe said...

It's beautiful. ((HUGS))

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