Saturday, August 7, 2010

Please Pray for Jeff - UPDATED


Jeff had emergency surgery on his right femur. Put a pin in , tomorrow he has surgery at noon to put a rod in right femur. He is resting and doing well as I just spoke to my sister a hr ago.

I could hear Jeff chuckle a bit which made me feel good. He sounded like the brother in law I know. Also his birthday is next Sunday Aug 15 on which he just so happens to turn 50 yrs old.Jeff likes to joke and have fun so I can see him using the accident to take away the fact that he is turning 50.

They are also waiting for tests to come back tomorrow but we are staying positive that everything else will check out fine. I want to thank you all so much for the prayers. It means so much to me and my sister was so happy. There pastor and a couple elders from there church have been there which is so nice. Thanx again and praying things all go well TOMORROW !!! Praying for Colleen & boys and our families.

God is Good !!

Please Pray for my brother in law , Jeff. He was in a tractor rollover accident around noon back east in Ohio. He was pinned under there for about a hr. Thank God his son Blake was there on the farm he was working and heard his Dad calling for Help. I know he has been lifeflighted to Akron General Hospital for surgery.
Will keep you posted as soon as I find out any news.

Praying that my sister Colleen and Blake and Anthony stay strong. God is Good and always there through whatever storm comes.

Thanx to all of you , this is also hard for me hearing the news so far away.


Holly said...

Glad he is doing ok! And praying it stays that way!

Trennia said...

I just got done with the party and I jumped on my blog and saw thes, I'm praying my friend please keep us updated.

Linda said...

I am so sorry Caroline that Jeff experienced such an accident...I know it must have been so very hard to go through that! And the waiting...and the surgeries.

I have prayed for him...and thanks for the update that tells us he is doing better! God is hearing your prayers and ours on his behalf.

Love, Linda

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