Monday, August 2, 2010

Help Me Decide , Please

My brother is getting married next June. His girlfriend Sherrie and Kevin are letting me decide what dresses for the girls to wear.

Well of course I can't decide so that's where you all might be of some help ????? We wanted to keep them simple and something that they could wear after the wedding. Jennifer and Carly will be the flower girls so they will be the ones wearing the dresses. They both need to be the same. So if you could leave me a comment telling me which dress you like. They are having pastel colors for there wedding so the dress doesn't have to be white.

These are the ones they want me to pick from. The dresses are from David's Bridal

Dress # 1

Dress # 2

Dress # 3

Thanx so much , I'm just really having a tough time deciding. They all look great !!!


Stephanie said...

I love dress #1

Karen said...

I like dress #1. A little more fancier, but not too much!


Adrienne said...

#1 for sure!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I like Dress #1 the best! Too cute! I could use your help if you would like to weigh in on The Great Creek Debate on my most recent blog post. As a former Ohioan who lives in another region now, your opinion is very valuable on this subject! =)

Trennia said...

Totally #1
love it!
I have 4 girls..believe me I've had alot of experience picking their dresses...clothes...ect!
Make sure to put pictures up next year! And tell him and her Congrats!

April said...

Love love LOVE number #1!~!

Holly said...

I like #1!!

Just Breathe said...

I like #1 also but I do think the girls would look pretty in #2 the pink one.

Verna said...

I like # 1 but if you want to wear them later ater the wedding, # 2 would work very well for that.

THey are all lovely dresses.

Sarita Boyette said...

I love dress 2 because they could wear them after the wedding. They are all pretty, though. Everyone else likes 1, so I may not be much help!
Dear, did you receive a package I sent several weeks ago? If it got lost in the mail, I want to send another. Our post office is notorious for losing things.
I'm so thankful you have a wedding to look forward to! xoxoxoxo

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