Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hola !!! Happy Birthday !!

Last night we went to a Spanish Birthday Party.

It's our neighbors that live right across from us. We always get invited and it is so much fun. They really have a party.

Both of there children were born in October so they celebrate both the same time.

They had pizza for the kids & then lots of Mexican food. So good I could eat that all the time. It started at 3 pm & was over at 8 pm.

Of course they had some dancing......

Carly was really getting into it. She loves music so much. Ridge was also dancing but for some reason he wouldn't let Mom take his pic.

This isn't all of the kids but quite a few of them waiting on the pinata. Something they really get excited to do.

Here is Carly taking her turn at hitting the pinata. I love how they start with the youngest and work there way up to the oldest. Carly was happy to get a turn.

Thaniqua taking her turn. As you can see in the picture anyone older has to wear a blindfold. Ha Ha Thaniqua :)

It sure was a nice evening & so enjoyed not having to fix supper. It was held at the park right next door to us.

A very nice Spanish Birthday Party.


That corgi :) said...

That looks like a fun party Caroline! I can imagine why Ridge wouldn't want his picture taken! At the parks here on the weekend, there are always lots of birthday parties; I love to drive by them and see the bouncy houses and the pinatas. I tell you, they go all out for them, bringing grills, tables, chairs, decorating, etc. Lots of work but I know everyone has a good time with them!


Mary @ VivalaVida said...

How fun!! I always had pinatas for my birthdays when I was younger. I loved them! Oh my goodness now I want Mexican food too!! Yumm!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How nice of them to have you all over and it looks like a fun party!

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