Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20

Day 20 ~ If you have anger , What are you most angry about ?

I'm not really a angry person ,but with my first miscarriage I am still angry. I'm angry at the ER for the way they treated me. I was so afraid of what was happening to me. They put me in a room & then someone came back to check on me , then left me alone for at least 30 min. I think it was more like almost a hr but now it doesn't really matter. I knew I was losing my baby but before I was told for sure some nurse brought me a paper on miscarriage. I was still hanging on and hoping so much. There was one nurse that came back later & told me I'm sorry but we are busy. I just wanted someone to help me & I had no idea what was really happening. It just hurts me to think that even though they were busy no one could come back and answer my questions. I had to ask 3 times if I could go to bathroom , couldn't even get a answer. I will never forget that day & even though I knew down deep I was losing Riley I wonder if they could have taken time for me could someone have done something. I just pray no one has to go through something like that. I'm not really that angry now just a hurt that will never totally leave my mind.

I'm glad my second & third miscarriages wasn't as bad. Nothing nice but I didn't go through anything like that first one.



That corgi :) said...

I can see your anger with the hospital/care Caroline. Its too bad they don't have social workers or other types of people that can come in and be with people going through miscarriages just to basically "hold their hands" and help answer some questions while you are waiting for the doctors, etc.


Trennia said...


Sarita Boyette said...

I'm sorry you were ignored at the hospital. You deserved as much care as the other patients. (((HUGS)))

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