Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9

Day 9 ~ If you have other children , how has the loss affected them ?

I have children and yes it has affected them but in a good way. I know they are sad especially at different times of the year but they are closer to one another. When I lost my first child Ridge was almost six. He understood more than I thought. I was 12 wks when I miscarried but he had lots of questions and Paul & I did our best at answering them. Thaniqua was only three so I couldn't really tell her a lot. Jennifer was almost 2 and she didn't even know. The children were older when Little Muffin & Sweetpea passed on. I just know our family is a lot closer today. My children are already caring for each other but share a different kind of love. They know that there sibling are in Heaven and I have heard all of them talk to them. It's a neat kind of love and they are excited for the day we see them. I am friends with a lot of BLM's and it is neat to hear the kids comment about maybe there siblings jumping and playing with there children.



That corgi :) said...

I think it is good too, Caroline, that you and your hubby talk about this with the kids and answer their questions, even if you have to say you don't know why things happened. It helps them too trying to deal with such a sad loss of siblings they would have grown to love and play with, etc.


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