Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12

Day 12 ~ How has the rest of your family dealt with your loss ?

Well my side of the family has done fine with it. My Mom didn't know what to do she never had anything like this happen so it was hard of course. My Mom , Brother & Sister were there to support me. It was hard on them to not knowing what to say but just understanding and not saying hurtful things was nice.

My husband's side of the family was rude. Paul's parents both passed away so not sure what there thoughts were or would have been. I lost Riley before moving to Nevada so not sure what they thought. None of them were close to us back there in Ohio. I lost again right after the move to Nevada. Paul and the rest of us was staying at his sister's until we found a place to live. I will never forget when I found out there was no heartbeat , his sister was happy so was his other two sisters that lived in Nevada. They said we didn't need any more kids. I was so heartbroken and then to hear that. The rest of his family a brother who lives in Florida and a sister who lives in Washington was real supportive. We never told them when I lost this past Jan I could have heard what they would have said. It's sad very sad. I will never understand why people can be so rude or better yet heartless.

I always look at the whole picture what if it was me in whatever the issue is. How would I feel ??



That corgi :) said...

That is sad, Caroline, with what some members of Paul's family said about your losses and I'm sure it really hurt at the time (and still hurts to this day). Very cruel they were. They would feel different if something like this happened to them; they should take that into consideration before they said anything and if they couldn't say anything comforting, then they should have kept their mouths shut.

I'm glad your side, especially mom, was supportive.


Trennia said...

people are so mean, I am sorry you have to deal not only with the pain from the losses, but the hatefulness of other's.
I agree with Betty, if they have nothing nice/comforting to say they should keep their mouths shut!

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