Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thoughts Today

Well everyone is getting better. Thank you for all the Get Well wishes. Thaniqua stayed home yesterday & today. She probably could have went today but yesterday when i talked to her teacher she said give her another day. I guess there were five out in her class yesterday. She also said so many parents are sending them sick anyway. So def tomorrow is will return. Also tomorrow is the last day of school for the week. WOW !!!
Thursday is Teacher Training Day & Friday is Veteran's Day.
There school will have a HUGE assembly tomorrow for Veteran's Day tomorrow. I plan on attending so look for a post on that.

Yesterday I went to pick up Ridge & Jennifer from school. Ridge was all excited to show me this.
This photo is also for my Project 365

It's a little first aid kit that you can wear on the side of his jeans. Only big enough for some band aids but Ridge was proud of it. I asked did everyone get one ?? He said No Mom just My group. He said I had a lot of good answers for why not to do drugs ??????? Just as we were talking the lady that runs the D.A.R.E. Program walked up to me and said you should be so very proud of your son. He brought up some very good points and had a great discussion going on. Ridge started talking to a friend and so the lady and I were talking. I told her that Ridge's real father done drugs & he knows this. She said well you def don't have a problem with Ridge wanting to do anything wrong. He is really head strong in his feelings. He also is not afraid to tell his classmates which is Awesome. I'm so very proud of him. When he was young Ridge seen a lot and I'm so happy that he knows that is not right.

Also last Friday when I picked up the children this little girl was having a hard time getting her coat zipped. I asked her if she wanted some help. She said yes. I finally got it zipped up and she smiled and of course said thanks. She asked me Do you have kids here at school ? I said yes three. She said your a wonderful Mommy. This totally made my day. Just the simple helping someone out , my heart was so happy.


Raquel said...

Caroline- It sounds like Ridge is headed on the right track....that little girl is right you are a wonderful mommy!! hugs!

Trennia said...

What a blessing your children are! they are just like you Caroline!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad Thaniqua is feeling better. That is great news on Ridge and how sweet was that little girl!

That corgi :) said...

So neat that Ridge has his head on, so to speak, at such a young age to say no to drugs and to be a great example to others!! You are a great mom, Caroline; like I said before, glad others see that too!! You are a very caring, loving person!

Glad to hear everyone is on the mend and that Thaniqua will be able to go back to school tomorrow. It is good to be able to keep her home if she needs that extra day!

The assembly for Veteran's Day sounds like a good one; good for the kids to get to know how special that day is to honor those who serve in our military!


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