Sunday, November 6, 2011


Lately things have been off.

Last Tuesday I kept Jennifer and Ridge home from school. Just the normal cold no fevers but needed rest. Then on Wednesday I started feeling bad. I went to bed as soon as Paul came home at 7pm. I woke up Thursday feeling much better. Paul had been sick since Monday but just kept on going. So Friday Carly started coming down with it but doing better today. Thaniqua & Jared now are sick so it has def been passed around. So I have been busy being a nurse thank God it was just a cold and a cough. I guess it is that time of year.

Speaking of time of year Look what I woke up to on Friday morning .......

SNOW !!!!!!!

It finally made it down to the valley floor from the top of the mountain. It was pretty but by afternoon most of it melted. :)

I also had some sad news on Thursday a friend of mine from high school was having open heart surgery. Well her sister let me know that after surgery she was still bleeding and had slipped into a coma. Asking for Huge prayers they took her back into surgery and early Friday morning she woke up they got bleeding to stop and she was asking to see her children. Praise God he is so good.

Last night on was on the site Pinterest and i found this , says so much.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm loving Pinterest. So glad that your friend is doing well. I don't think I could handle the snow anymore but it is beautiful to look at. I saw it in our mountains after the rain on Friday. It's raining here today too. Hope everyone feels better soon.

That corgi :) said...

So glad your friend is doing better! God is so good in answering prayers, either way he is still sooo good answering them!

Sorry everyone's been under the weather Caroline. That's not fun to deal with; hoping all will feel better soon!


VivalaVida said...

Send some snow over to Texas!! It will probably get rid of the mosquitoes we have!! Hope everyone starts feeling better! Colds and coughs are no fun :( So glad your friend is doing better!

Trennia said...

I am so happy your friend is okay, praise the Lord Jesus!
I love the pinterest,and you know I love snow!

Kristie said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! Definitely no fun being sick. :-/

I can't believe you got so much snow!! We have yet to see a snowflake...many times we'll have had a flurry by now...I'm not complaining though! ;-)

So good to hear your friend is doing well. God sure is awesome! :-)

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