Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jennifer's Halloween Party

Monday afternoon Jennifer's class had there Halloween Party. They invited the parents to come. I hadn't planned on taking Carly but she took a early nap & was well rested. The children at school couldn't get dressed til after lunch and the party was at 2pm. I dressed Carly up too and everyone just loved her plus we surprised Jennifer. She was so happy Carly came. We also stopped by Ridge & Thaniqua's classes to show off there little sister Carly.

They had cookies , cupcakes , some Jello & brownies plus of course Candy. Jennifer wanted to take something so I bought these glasses that had eight in a pack. Only two dollars a pack I was happy. I knew they would have enough sweet stuff. The kids loved the glasses. They were all different colors and they were actually cheaper then buying something to make.

Here is a few pictures ~

This last picture is my favorite ~ My Girls so cute & so big. This my entry for Project 365 - Day 307



Debby@Just Breathe said...

They look adorable and the party sounds like it was fun!

Linda said...

School parties are fun. Glad Carly could go! Those kooky glasses you took must have been a hit with the kids!

Trennia said...

Love the pictures,glad Carly got to go!The party looked fun too!
I love the glasses,and the sweets looked yummy!

That corgi :) said...

Cute glasses to share with others! Always one thing about class parties, the best and the most of food! All looked great!

Too cute with Jennifer and Carly; Carly looked like she was perfectly content being in the classroom!


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