Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Day of Being Thankful - Day 24

Day 24 ~ I'm thankful for all those places that give a free Thanksgiving meal to those that are homeless or can't afford a meal. Thinking of all those people today.




That corgi :) said...

Me too Caroline! I was watching on the news today the different places here and what struck me was how happy the people looked that were preparing for it, the cooks, etc. It was neat to see them giving of their time when they could be with their families to provide a meal for the less fortunate.

And I'm going to "brag" on my niece (she's 31). For the last eight years she's organized a meal at their church for those that need a meal. They never know how many to plan for but they never run out of food (God's hand is truly in that).

Hope you all had a great time today!


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