Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bluebell Books ~ Short Story Slam Week - 15

I'm joining in with Bluebell Books and writing a short story or poem about the image above.
Join in if you would like.

The Hourglass can mean lots of things. I remember the little one my Grandma had in her kitchen to time things. I remember watching the sand run through and then whenever it was it was done.

Now that I am older I look at the hourglass and think of life how we are just like a dot at the end of a pencil when our life began.

How each piece of sand is a part of our life , some fall quickly , others take there time. But in the end this life is over on earth.

Some days I want the sand to never end just keep flowing but then I don't control my life God does. I just wait and wait to see what a new day brings. Knowing that there will be a day in Heaven where no more pain , no more tears , no more sadness just life forever. We will have time forever & ever.

The hourglass will be no more.


Trennia said...

Beautifully put, Caroline!

Morning said...

god controls our life,
well put.

Happy Writing.

That corgi :) said...

I liked this, Caroline, with your thoughts on the sand as well as how God controls our lives. Great analogy with it! And I too look forward to that day when we step into eternity! What an adventure that will be!! Beyond our wildest expectations!


The Cello Strings said...

God bless,

smart discussion of time and God.

Sarita Boyette said...

This is so true, Caroline. You wrote your story so well. I enjoyed it! xoxo

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