Saturday, November 19, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Been a while since I played along but if you would like to join in just click on the button below.

My six words for today are ~

Going grocery shopping alone so excited.

This doesn't happen to often that I get to do something without someone with me. I love my kids and my hubby but sometimes you just need some space. I'm a SAHM & I love that too but once and a while a trip even to the store is Awesome. I love to save especially at the store & even if the kids are along I pretty much stick to my list. So being it is the weekend before Thanksgiving I told my hubby no one is going. One pretty happy Mom today !

Have a great Six Word Saturday & rest of the weekend.



That corgi :) said...

Yea Caroline! Enjoy!! I know what you mean, you sometimes just need that "alone time". And this is good too because you know the stores will be packed!

happy shopping!


Jim said...

Hi Caroline ~~ It's been a long time since I've seen your blog too! That was in early SkyWatch or Wordless Wednesday days. Your kids have really grown since then.

I like to grocery shop too. Mostly by myself although last night Mrs. Jim and I went together. We each had a small cart and they were both fairly full. $40 some even with senior discounts and sale items.

Happy 6WS! :)

Karen S. said...

Oh have yourself a wonderful time...and maybe you'll catch some good treats being offered out there too! Saturday's are great for that in the grocery stores...and Macy's last week was offering yummy samples on their delicious treats they sell! Have fun!

Susan in SC said...

Caroline - I got to do the same thing this morning! Woohoo!!

Linda said...

Oh I completely understand what you mean Caroline! A girl needs some time alone...and it is nice to go to the store alone once in awhile.

I hope that you and yours will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love, Linda

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