Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Family & A Special Ornament

Bent or broken, this family tree.
Each branch a part of a part of me.
This is my tree and it's a beautiful tree.

This is the theme song from " Life Unexpected " on the CW channel. I love that show.

As I sat in our living room last night and looked at the Christmas tree with the lights off and it was quiet everyone was in bed. I love looking at the christmas tree lights in the dark. They are so bright and I think of that night when Jesus was born. What a beautiful gift God gave all of us.

So of course I had my little cry alone , I needed to do that so I won't be so broken on Christmas. I thought of those words to that theme song. No matter how bent or broken Our Family Tree is it's a beautiful tree. So to those in our family that aren't here with us one day our tree will be so together again because God sent his son so that we all may have life forever with those we love.

I also got this beautiful new ornament in the mail yesterday from Kelly. It just tied all my feelings together.

On the ornament it reads ~ " Every life leaves something beautiful behind "

It is so very true.


Trena said...

Beautiful post Caroline, Thank you for this ♥ ((hugs))

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the tree in the darkest, that is when it is the most beautiful. ((HUGS)) What a beautiful ornament. Have a very Merry Christmas. xoxo

Karen said...

I too love to sit and look at the Christmas lights in the dark. Something peaceful about that! The ornament is beautiful!

Merry Christmas Caroline!

Tiffany said...

we got the same ornament too. wish we didn't have to memorialize our babies, but since we do, i'm so glad we have ways to remember them. love to you...

Trennia said...

beautiful,Merry CHRISTmas!

Holly said...

I love this ornament! this is one I wanna get for our tree!

Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

I don't watch that show, but I watch one Tree Hill, and Life Unexpected comes on right after it.. I always change the channel after the theme song (or it just so happens thats how the DVR records it.) I love that song, and it is just perfect.

Also, I have that same exact ornament. <3 We should be hanging "Baby's first Christmas" ornaments.. not "In memory of" ornaments. :'(

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