Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec 7th

Today I would like to remember Dec 7, 1941 a day that will live infamy. Let us not forget those lives that were lost that day. My own father served in World War II. I remember when I was old enough my father got his book of pictures out and showed us.

Also today is my sister Colleen and her hubby Jeff's wedding anniversary. Today they celebrate 14 happy years of sharing a life together. Happy Anniversary to both of you !!!

I can still remember how we found a beautiful dress at JC Penny outlet store at Columbus ,Ohio. Only thing it was strapless and she was getting married in the winter. It was only $ 75 dollars , turned out the year they were married it was 70 degrees out and she didn't even need the shawl we bought. That's that great Ohio weather !!! Never know what it's going to do.

Also I just talked to my sister Colleen this morning. Kathy her friend is stable. Praying for all those close to her at this time & friends , family , most of all the doctor's , nurses taking care of her. Knowing God is good and that he is watching over her.


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That corgi :) said...

Happy anniversary to your sister and Jeff! I'm sure they so very much enjoyed celebrating their anniversary this year after his accident this past summer. It is so unpredictable with weather, isn't it? You think it might be warm and it is cold, etc. Glad the dress worked out for her special day!

We do need to remember Pearl Harbor and spread that on to our kids so they don't forget; I know each year we lose more people that actually lived during that time and remember the horrors of it all so it is up to us to keep those memories alive for future generations


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