Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec 19th

Today was a good day and a busy one.

For starters Carly slept til 7:30. She is always up at 5:30 or 6 on a normal day. I had Paul go check on her but she was fine just sleeping. I always worry , a fear I don't think I will ever really shake.

I also found out my sweet friend Jess that I met a couple yrs ago on Cafemom , was in the hospital getting ready to have her Rainbow baby. I was excited for her. She wasn't due til Jan but she had a precious baby boy today. God is so Good. Congrats Jess and Kevin & family !!!!

Also today was my Grandpa's birthday on my Mom's side. He is in heaven has been there for 24 yrs so Happy Birthday Grandpa , miss & love you. I remember when we were little Grandpa was in the hospital for something can't remember why ?? He got out of the hospital a couple days before Christmas so that year he shared his birthday cake with Jesus. Grandma always made a cake on Christmas for Jesus Birthday. I thought wow how lucky Grandpa is.

Also today was my BFF's mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Mary Ann. She has always been like my second Mom and I'm excited for when I go back home in June to get to see her.

I made somee sugar cookie dough and some choc chip and put it in the fridge going to make cookies tomorrow. Yummy !!!!!!!


Trennia said...

you are a busy momma elf! don't worry so am I :))

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Lot's of special birthdays. I don't care how old our children get I still like to make sure they are okay. You have been busy. So happy for your friend, nothing better then a Christmas Rainbow!

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