Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early Christmas Gifts

Some early Christmas gifts.

Packages have been coming the past few days , some for Mom which I can wait but the kids that's a different story. I have let them open there's just because we are so far from family.

The first one I wasn't allowed to wait it was from Thaniqua. She made it at school. Cinammon /Applesauce Ornaments. I love those , my favorite and they smell so good.

These are the gifts my sister Colleen , Jeff , Blake and Anthony that they sent the kids. I didn't expect them to send anything. They have had a lot of such going on since the accident. My sister always wanted a girl so since I have all girls she tends to always send something for any holiday. <3 We also got a bunch of christmas cookies so yummy.

Thanx to you all for everything we love and miss you.

Carly's Doll with Butterfly Wings I totally love it.

Jennifer and her Monkey being her silly self.

Thaniqua with her Monkey looking so cute.

Ridge and his Yu-gi-oh cards he collects. He got three packs.

Then from one of wonderful blog friends Sarita. She sent all the children a ornament of there own. So beautiful and so sweet. They just loved them. Thanx Sarita , your so wonderful.

Carly unwrapping the box from Sarita.


Holly said...

I remember making those cinnamon ornaments when I was younger. They always smelled so good!

Trennia said...

Such beautiful memories you all are making!

Kristin said...

Kaylee made one of those ornaments last year.....smells so good!! They all look so cute in their pics. Sarita is so sweet too! I have loved getting to know her! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas....I've loved getting to know you too! :)

Sarita Boyette said...

I know your kids are so excited about getting to open things early. I remember! Hope you and yours have the best Christmas!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The gifts are so cute. Love the ornaments that Thaniqua made, they always smell so good. Put it in a baggie each year, it will continue to smell great. How sweet of Sarita to think of your children.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

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