Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Little , Big Girl

Last week , I done so many posts on the other children........ school kids and all the stuff they were awarded. I felt like I was leaving my little ray of sunshine out of everything.

So today I'm gonna tell you some of the Awesome things Carly is doing .........

Even though I have watched the rest of them do things , Carly is really out there. I know that with me not working I can do more than when I had a job. It helps having the older ones around but still she is just really trying so hard.

The kids and I all read to her and I think Jennifer is really helping a lot. She had to practice things for school so when Carly was young , Jennifer would sit in front of her and practice her sounds of the Alphabet and read. When she was little we would make silly noises but as she started getting older I told the kids no baby talk to her. Every time I give her the sippy cup I always say , Thank you Carly. Well after a month of working on it you can sometimes hear a little part of it. So we have been working on Please and the kids names and others .......

Here is the Big one ....... a couple weeks ago Carly went and got a diaper. Here she was wet. Then a couple days later she had a diaper and was trying to get the wipes. I keep the wipes up because one day I caught her just sitting there having fun pulling them out. Well here she had a poopy diaper. I thought how Awesome is that. I'm really liking it that she already doesn't like to be wet. I was telling Paul when he came home from work the other night that she does it a lot now almost daily she gets her own diaper for me , at least a couple times a day. Sometimes when I'm busy it's really sweet that she wants to tell me that way. I love it and I'm hoping it lasts......... she will be going to the potty soon.

Oh yeah and she is walking almost running........has been since her birthday !!!!

This one is just cute , we watch Nick Jr alot and Carly all of a sudden started liking the show called The Fresh Beat Band. It was funny I was in the kitchen last week when the kids were still in school and Carly was trying so hard to dance to it.

Well that pretty much where she is at right now. I feel better now , I didn't want to leave her out.


Trennia said...

Awe she is getting to be a big girl and she is so sweet to help her momma out!

Sarita Boyette said...

It's always amazing to see your baby doing things like that! She certainly is very smart and observant. In a few years, she will be getting lots of awards frrom school, too!

That corgi :) said...

she is such a cutie!! I like how she gets her own diaper for you; I can imagine she had a blast pulling out the wipes until you got to her :)


Just Breathe said...

That is really something. She will train easy I'm sure! She is such a doll.

Holly said...

Hey maybe she will start PLing soon!

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