Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Week of School and Please Pray for Danielle

Wow , Here it is the last week of school. 5 days to go ......... it seems like they just went back from Easter break.

It's going to be a BUSY WEEK !!!!

Lots going on but I love it really. When I used to work I missed out on things and I only had one in school. It's nice to be able to attend things that I can.

Monday - Marie has a fieldtrip.

Jennifer graduates from Kindergarten. Mom will be crying. Hard to believe Kindergarden is done !!! Another thing is my husband is going to have to miss it because where he works they won't let anyone have vacation time right now. It sorta upsets me because this is important but I will be taking pictures for him.

Ridge has a oral report to give in his class , so right after Graduation I will be heading to that.

Then school will be out for the day.

Tuesday - Ridge gets some awards in the morning. Then come back home and take Jennifer to school.

Wednesday - Open at the moment , I think.

Thursday - School Field Day !!!

Friday - Last Day we only do a half day and all the Goodbyes !!!

Speaking of Goodbyes this Friday will be tough for the kids.

We have to make some changes ..........

Last week I found out on Wednesday that the kids have to change schools because of budget cuts. We are sad , but at the same time I'm sure things will be okay. They will adjust make new friends. One big change is the school they will be going to is not year round and we all really liked that. So now the kids are going to be home for the whole summer. It will be good though , we will have fun !!!

One more thing before I run off. Please keep my wonderful friend Danielle in your prayers as she maybe having her Rainbow Baby Seth tomorrow. Praying for a wonderful delivery and a screaming healthy baby !!!

Have a great day.

God Bless


Jingle said...

prayers again...
Hope that she has a smooth sailings in giving birth for her new baby...
thank you for the kind heart!

Melissa B. said...

We've got 2 and a half more weeks of school. Seems like it will never end...

April said...

wow - big changes for the kids huh? They will love having a full summer to themselves!

Have a great week with the end of school approaching!

That corgi :) said...

it does sound like a busy week! glad that you get to go and see Ridge give his report plus be at Jennifer's graduation; are you going on Marie's field trip?? field days are always so fun, the kids really enjoy them!! will pray for Danielle and a healthy baby birth

It is sad for the kids to have to change schools, but they are young enough and hopefully adaptable enough to make friends at the new school. It is always hard but I think the older they get the harder it is to adjust. But having all summer off is definitely a good thing!


stitchndeb said...

My kids have to go to a different school in the fall too because they re-drew the district lines. My daughter would have had only one more year left in the old elementary, but she's not too upset since some other friends in our neighborhood are also going to have to change schools too. ~Debbie

Sarita Boyette said...

You certainly have a busy week! Hope Field Day isn't too hot for you. I'm sorry your kids are having to change schools. You seem to like that school & the teachers and your kids are doing well. I say to the school board, why mess with perfection? But they don't always let parents make those choices. Your children will adjust and I do hope they have great teachers like they had this year. (((HUGS)))

Thinking about and praying for Danielle, too. Hoping little Seth is ready to be born safely tomorrow.

Holly said...

It will be busy!! This week I plan on finally getting some gifts for the kids to send out like I said I would a couple months back. lol Just in time for summer!

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