Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Day

Well another school year done !!!

It was a fast one and this week was busy !!! Which also today wasn't a full day. The kids got out at 12:30pm. I wasn't sure how it would go today being that maybe the kids won't be able to attend there next year. I prayed about it this morning with the kids and whatever happens we will be fine. I had a meeting yesterday with the principal and well I got the same answer NO. There teachers are going to put there input in later today and maybe I will hear something soon. They also told me to try again just before school starts on July 19th. So I will give it one more shot.

While I was waiting on the kids to get out , I was talking with a friend of mine. Our daughter's are in the second grade together. So she was saying how we'll get together and do some things before school starts. I had my jacket on today cause it was only 65 out and the wind was blowing hard. Here guess what was on my jacket a Ladybug !!!! Wow !! She said it's a sign that things are gonna work out w/ the whole school issue. I guess we will just have to wait and see. It was sorta neat !!

Well Jennifer got a outstanding student award and gets to get a free kids meal at a local sub place here in town. Marie came out and we were talking , waiting on Ridge I knew he would take forever today. He doesn't like to say Goodbye. While we were waiting a teacher we are good friends with came out to tell us goodbye and that she was gonna pray all things go well no matter what the outcome. Then she said just joking I was gonna give Ridge a hug but he was going down the hall with 3 or 4 girls talking to him. We both laughed , I told her I sorta thought that might be his hold up. Well he finally made it and off we went to all walk home together.

One thing that was really neat was Ridge's teacher had the kids make a scrapbook of the whole year w/ pictures and special things they done as a class. Also at the begining of the school year a man they called Grandpa Phil passed away. He used to come in and help them with any subject they needed. So she had a page with a picture of him helping the class. So very sweet and special. I told Ridge that's great cause you will always have that to keep.

Also the kids all made stuff for Father's Day. I can't wait to share them on here. Some really great ideas.

Well that was our day and YAY , School is out !!! Yay 4 Summer !!

God Bless


Holly said...

I really do hope the school thing works out!

Seems like the girls really like Ridge ;)

That corgi :) said...

hoping it does work out with the school so your kids can stay there, Caroline. If not, we know that God has something in store for them at their new school. Glad to hear it is summer vacation!! I bet the kids are excited to have a bit of freedom in the upcoming days :)


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