Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling Sadness

Look at this picture the beautiful sunset w/ the dark clouds. It's sorta how I'm feeling today. I'm sad and I'm happy. I know that God is good but the past couple days I have felt alot of sadness. Trying to be happy sometimes doesn't work that well.
Looking at this picture I can see the begining and the end. The dark clouds and the sunset. But looking at the sunset so beautiful is the hope of a beautiful and new day filled with promise.

So this verse I thought of today and I'm praying for so many today.

John 14:1
“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.

A good friend of our family is in the hospital in Canton, Ohio. They don't have all the tests back but he was having trouble breathing and his chest was hurting very bad and fluid had built up on his lungs. So I'm praying I hear some good news today.

Then last night right after dinner I found out a mutual friend of my older two children's father and I passed away unexpectely. I'm still in shock. He was such a good friend. I remember one night when he saved me from getting beat on. He even helped me go to the domestic sheltar when I decided this was what I needed to do. So I'm praying for his family that is left and I know they are dealing with the shock too.

Also I'm praying for Courtney and her husband Jason as they lost another child Wyatt River. Praying for peace and comfort as they walk this road once again. Here is a button to Courtney's Blog.

God Bless


Kristie said...

So many concerns today! I'll be praying for you and your friends :-)

Karen said...

Sorry you are feeling sad. I have those days too. It seems as though our hearts can become very heavy for others. There seems to be alot of people going through difficult things.

I too am praying for Courtney and Jason. My heart breaks for them. I cannot fathom their loss. It makes me sad.

Praying your day is getting better.


Trennia said...

So sorry, praying for ya and sending (((HUGS))).
Praying for the families involved.

Holly said...

Saying prayers for these needs. I am so sad for Courtney too.

Just Breathe said...


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

Praying for your friend, praying for you and your friends family, and praying for Courtney & Jason during their time of loss. Shoot me an email if you wanna talk to someone.

That corgi :) said...

you were on my mind today, now I know why; so sorry you are feeling sad and so sorry for all the sad things around you with friends; I like the scripture you quoted and prayed. Clinging to God and his promises is always good when you feel sad and rejoicing in his blessings always is a good thing too. I find listening to praise music is very comforting when I feel a bit sad

hugs to you


Danielle said...

Oh sweetie... I wish I could really give you a big hug right now. Sending prayers, (((hugs))), and love your way.

Sarita Boyette said...

I had a sad day, too, and some scripture I read put it all in perspective. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, and I am also saddened by the loss of Courtney's baby.I was not a regular reader of her blog, but I will try to be one now & give her some support.
Hope tomorrow is better for you.xxxooo

Jingle said...

cheer up,
life is short,
please smile and stay happy.

Jingle said...

You Deserve Happiness!

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